Mind & Body therapy

Mind and Body Therapy (MaBT) is a dynamic therapy which combines the benefits of hypnotherapy with a specially designed therapeutic massage to help deal with the effects of stress.

This therapy has been in research and development for over 10 years and in the trials conducted by MaBT in 2009 has proved to have a huge benefit to those receiving the treatment.

You will lie face down on the massage table covered with towels. You will hear the recorded voice of Christopher Morgan-Locke, one of the UK’s top medical hypnotherapists. As the massage therapist I will synchronise your massage with the words on the recording enhancing these two powerful therapies into one dynamic treatment.

You will be in a wonderfully deep state of relaxation but will be fully aware of what is going on and can stop at any time should you so choose.

MaBT is registered and insured as a therapy by The Peel Clinic in London.

Bring your own & save £5!

Save £5 each massage session by providing your own towels...

...You will need to provide two large towels and one hand towel.

Free consultation

If you are considering a relaxation treatment, but are unsure whether it is right for you, please contact me to arrange a free initial telephone consultation.

Your consultation takes around 20 minutes and gives you a chance to have your questions answered.

Contact RelaxationWorks now to book your appointment!

Mind & Body Therapy

Session prices

Mind & Body Therapy (1 hour) - £60

Happy clients

Client feedback for Mind and Body Therapy...


"Mind and Body Therapy helped me to experience the deepest relaxation I think I've ever had. I felt so much better afterwards."

Client - Stress at Work


"A fantastic relaxation experience through a wonderful mixture of gentler forms of all over massage, heavenly sounds and peaceful reflection with a master of harmony."

Chartered Physiotherapist

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