Meditation & Mindfulness Training

The benefits of meditation and mindfulness are really quite amazing

Most people will be aware that stress and anxiety directly cause or contribute to very many health conditions and challenges. Meditation and mindfulness can be beneficial in some way for almost every health challenge because the techniques can be used directly to reduce stress and they enable us to deal better with anxiety.

More than this though, learning meditation and mindfulness can be hugely beneficial even for people not suffering from stress, anxiety or health conditions. We all know that anything that helps to create a sense of calm, stillness and peace is extremely valuable in modern life.

Meditation and mindfulness offer this together with a vast range of additional benefits for physical, mental and emotional health and wellbeing. If used regularly, the skills can help you stay healthy and resilient and can even help you to live longer and live younger!

Should you not yet be convinced that these are skills worth learning, meditation has also been shown to help improve cognitive function including memory, learning ability and concentration. The large range of health and wellbeing benefits are supported by scientific studies.

Meditation Foundation sessions are informal and enjoyable. They are designed to simply and effectively provide you with a range of techniques that you can use straight away. Our aim is to provide you with an instructive, informative and exciting series of sessions that inspire you to establish your own meditation practice and enable you to start to reap the many benefits for yourself.

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1 hour introduction - £60

1 hour meditation and mindfulness training - £60

See also Meditation and Mindfulness courses in Cambridge for group meditation training.

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Personal meditation benefits

Meditation and mindfulness have been shown to:

  • improve learning ability and academic performance
  • enhance social and emotional learning
  • facilitate greater cognitive function and intelligence
  • improve memory, attention and focus
  • improve planning and organisational skills, as well as better information processing
  • improve creativity
  • reduce stress and anxiety.

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