Educational PSHE talks & workshops

The benefits of relaxation make a fascinating topic for educational PSHE talks, lectures and workshops.

I have enjoyed working with schools, finding that staff and students alike can benefit from learning relaxation skills. And of course there are plenty of fun practical demonstrations!

Educational benefits of meditation & mindfulness

Meditation has been shown to have a dramatic effect on brain function. A core element of learning meditation is training one’s attention and subsequently, one’s awareness. Increasingly, a large and growing body of research is showing that meditation and mindfulness complement and also greatly enhance educational skills, learning and behaviour, particularly as mediation helps to develop traditional educational skills.

Meditation and mindfulness have been shown to:

  • improve learning ability and academic performance
  • enhance social and emotional learning
  • facilitate greater cognitive function and intelligence
  • improve memory
  • improve attention and focus
  • improve planning and organisational skills, as well as better information processing
  • improve creativity
  • reduce stress and anxiety (including test anxiety) and improve behaviour
  • improve self-esteem, self-development and self-awareness
  • aid better emotional self-regulation and improved social and relationship skills.

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I am able to deliver flexible PSHE lectures and talks to fit your program, anything from half an hour to an hour. I also run meditation courses for teachers and students.

Contact RelaxationWorks for more information about educational talks and workshops and meditation for schools.

Services for Schools

  • PSHE talks
  • Lectures and talks
  • Meditation for teachers
  • Meditation for students

"The students found your talk most interesting and I could tell they were deeply engaged.

Our lecture day was a great success and you were no small part of it, I think you opened their eyes to the power of the mind."

Lecture Day Organiser - Academy School, London

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