Who am I?

I am a Psychology graduate with a focus on ‘wellness’ and ‘illness prevention’. I gained further qualifications to become a fitness professional and have worked as a personal trainer, professional aerobics instructor and as a National Pool Lifeguard Trainer/Assessor.

In my more recent work in Information Technology I have seen all the benefits that new technologies bring to the workplace. I have also seen that the more we have come to rely on technology, the more ‘stressed’ we have become. High levels of stress or prolonged stress are recognised as key precursors to any number of physical and mental problems.

Why complementary therapies?

I am now offering holistic health treatments for several reasons:

Evidence-based therapy

‘Holistic’ therapies, such as massage, acupuncture and hypnotherapy, until recently rejected by ‘mainstream science’ (even though they have been effective for thousands of years) now have a strong scientific evidence base supporting their effectiveness.

Limitations of conventional medicine

It has become clear that the ‘medical’ model has serious limitations both in terms of the therapeutic alliance and in terms of the prescribed treatments themselves. The latter is clearly illustrated in the book ‘The Emperor’s New Drugs’ (Kirsch).

Rediscovering our roots

With the rapid development of new technologies, we are now further away from our ‘human’ roots than at any time. We are all dealing with a world which we were not designed to deal with and this is only serving to increase stress levels in the general population.

Promoting wellness

The benefits of health promotion in halting rising trends in illnesses, such as diabetes, heart and chest problems and other diseases caused by unhealthy lifestyles, are recognised and are now receiving more significant attention and funding.

The importance of taking more exercise, eating more healthily and relieving stress and anxiety has now been recognised as key to cutting the number of preventable deaths and helping people to live a healthier, happier lifestyle.

How relaxation helps you

My treatments are focussed on relaxation because in this state the body is in a state of growth and repair.

I can help you to relax your body and so your mind through Massage. I am qualified at Level 3 with a VTCT Certificate in Swedish Massage.

I can help you to relax your mind and so your body through Hypnotherapy. I am qualified at Level 4 (diploma) in evidence based Cognitive Behavioural Hypnotherapy.

Happy Clients

Client feedback for Mind and Body Therapy...


"Mind and Body Therapy helped me to experience the deepest relaxation I think I've ever had. I felt so much better afterwards."

Client - Stress at Work


"A fantastic relaxation experience through a wonderful mixture of gentler forms of all over massage, heavenly sounds and peaceful reflection with a master of harmony."

Chartered Physiotherapist

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